Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oncology vs. Funeral attendants

My chosen career from is oncology. Oncology includes many abilities that are found in Human Services. A career in Human services, such as funeral attendants, work distantly related to oncologists. Both of the jobs require working with people, but funeral attendants work with deceased people. Oncologists specilize in diagnosing and treating cancer patients. Funeral attendants perform variety of tasks during funerals. Both of the jobs require the ability to have a concern for others, to make decisions, speech recongnition, written expression, judgement, and active listening. Oncologist make more money, but you have to go to school for more years. I could probably work in Human Services because I like to work with and around people. Getting information on Human Services doesn't make me want to change my chosen career. I like what I have chosen, but I will probably change. For a while I wanted to be a cosmetologist, which is in Human Services. After recent debate, I have realized that I will be better in the medical field because I like making people feel better.

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